INLAND Puglia FHU session

For two weeks, INLAND has carried out an experimental trial of the New Curriculum approach. With the support of Free Home University and the Musagetes Foundation, fifteen cultural workers, activists, experts in alternative pedagogies, artists and architects have joined to join the community of Castiglione. This town of about 1200 inhabitants started a regeneration project 7 years ago based on three ideas: “Utopia, Agri-cultura e Communitá”, promoted by young people who refused to emigrate to industrial poles and wanted to find endogenous forms of development in their town , notions of good living and direct democracy and self-management of resources. On the basis of the land, they rehabilitate a piece of land in the form of “Orto di Frutti Minori”, a garden that preserves and reproduces traditional varieties of vegetables from which they sell plants. From there they went on to recover old grains and build a furnace and a community mill. From the association “Casa della Agricultura” they are now promoting a cooperative and there is interest in redesigning the town’s urban spaces and introducing a common flock of sheep and producing cheeses. All this is part of the idea of launching a School of Agriculture, a process for which INLAND is invited to propose an exchange process based on three moments:


● An approach, investigation and mapping of the local context

● Putting together with the local community preliminary conclusions

● Joint working groups of proposals and development of the intervention on 4 axes: the school of agriculture, the grain and the mill, the agrobiodiversity and the nursery and the herd. A fifth traveling group was the one of design and construction that contributed to the previous ones.

Each group had to answer three questions in addition to developing the proposal: How is its content overturned in an educational model or is it taught and shared? How to guarantee the social inclusion of the least considerate (immigrants, women, children, the elderly …)? How is the economic viability of this line of action designed?

A fanzine was made and in the spring of 2018 the construction of a stable in the form of a workshop will be intervened and a first course of the school will be carried out, with Introduction to Pastoralism.

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