We participated in the Master of Agroecology of the UAB introducing the Art

For the first time in this academic title of Post-Graduate Diploma in Local Agro-ecological Dynamics (IGOP-ICTA/UAB) is incorporated into the agenda the subject of Art and Agro-ecology, taking place a session entitled L’art en les transicions agroecològiques. In the last few years, both agro-ecological projects and artistic projects have focused on the need to use different languages to link the territory with people, both to revalue the rural world and to bring the reality of the agricultural world to urban consumers. The artistic interventions that link agriculture, territory and art can be agro-ecological analyzers-mobilizers, entities as actions that question and analyze the reality in the field that they mobilize it. These interventions can provoke changes in the collective imagination that facilitate the dynamization of the agricultural sector through processes of agro-ecological transition and promote a more sustainable food system culturally linked to the territory.
The objective of this conference is to get to know and reflect on how artistic interventions can catalyze processes of agro-ecological transition, inviting artists, promoters and agro-ecological producers to dialogue.
This conference is aimed at artists interested in the relationship between art and agroecology, people linked to productive projects that use other languages to promote their activity, techniques of public administration, social entities, private companies or any person interested in training in this field. It will be held as part of the 5th edition of the Postgraduate Diploma in Local Agro-ecological Dynamism, which will be given to the UAB between January and June 2019.
With the participation of Fernando Garcia Dory and Marina Montsonis

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