In this week-long meeting, we experimented with multidisciplinary research practices (rural knowledge, art, design, social sciences and agro-ecology) on a case study: the transformations on the landscape.

A mixed group was formed by students of the International Master of Intervention and Management of Heritage and Landscape of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, of the Master in Agroecology: an approach to rural sustainability, of the International University of Andalusia, or of the degrees in Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country and the Complutense University, as well as of Sociology in this same university. This group took up the task of thinking about the nature/culture debates and their relationship with issues such as land stewardship or care. Looking at the forms of the traditional local communal, and thinking about the urgency of a process of reconfiguration of the landscape in progress, three approaches are presented that pose new modes and speculative practices of intervention on the landscape, trying to alter the bureaucratic order and putting the life of the inhabitants in the center. An important part of this meeting was both the field research with Asiego’s neighbors and the final presentation at the Casa de Cultura, evidence in both cases of the greater interest in the exchange with the local community.

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