Preparatory meeting in the village with UEM architecture students and Costructlab Berlin

In January 2018 the FIRST PREPARATORY MEETING WITH ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS and the visit of Constructlab Berlin to INLAND’s laboratory village took place.

12 students of architecture from the European University of Madrid, 3 professors of architecture from the same university and an expert of the group of urban interventions of Constructlab of Berlin, Patrick Hübmann work together with shepherds, the council of livestock of Cangas de Onis and local experts defining the New Curriculum.

This is the first visit that is part of the New Curriculum project that we launched in September and of which the City Council of Cangas de Onis is a partner and support.

The reason for the visit is a first approach to the traditional architecture of the area, the culture of the shepherd and to rethink how a mountain village of the XXI century can be; and what to learn from what the rural culture shows us. After this visit, they will work all the course in their university different proposals that they will bring in the summer meetings, in which they will share it with the neighbors of the region.

On Friday at 18:30 we had a moment of audiovisual presentations and a colloquium between students, teachers, the expert in the culture of the pastors Gonzalo Barrena and some pastors. It was held in the Plenary Hall of the City Council. Later, field visits were made to Gumartini and several sheepfolds.

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