Presenting New Curriculum at Oslo School of Art, Norway


Introducing New Curriculum to art students and in conversation with Maria Lind, Andrea Phillips and Apolonija Sustersic.

Within the framework of artistic research, we will discuss the idea of value in contemporary art and how art and agriculture can create social change.

Fernando Garcia-Dory

We will meet by the riverside

There exists a relation between different projects Garcia-Dory has developed in recent years as INLAND, like Mobile Method or the New Curriculum, and others. They play with the elastic distance between the means and the goals in a social and ecological transition of our production model. Are “specialized technical bodies”—such as artists & agroecologists to be deployed with rural constituencies—a way forward? How could these new forms of “extension” work, and how could they fail? How does this possible composition of knowledges happen? What are the lessons from similar movements in the past? In 2018 INLAND is focusing on visual narratives on neo-extractivism and indigenous-peasant resistances and new identities, as well as developing the notion of community-of-practice.

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