2nd Meeting New Curriculum : Village, Terrace and Mount, and Port

For the second meeting the project team proposed a dynamic of Working Groups and a series of theoretical presentations that were shared with the members of the Scientific Committee (SC) in advance for changes and suggestions.

For the selection of participants, a distribution of the total number of people we could host was made among the different universities, delegating to each representative of the CC the way of nomination and selection of participants based on a previous description by CA of the most suitable profiles to be taken into account.

The program and reader sent to the participants beforehand can be seen in the attached document.

The WGs were organized according to spatial elements of landscape and habitat management, being these WG1 – Village, WG2- Terrazgo y Monte and WG3 – Port

There were almost twenty people among participants and members of the CC, with the presence of students from the following centers :

  • BBAA UPV Valencia
  • BBAA UPV Bilbao 
  • MA Ingenieria Paisaje , Wageningen University, Holanda
  • BBAA Basilea, Suiza
  • MA Arquitectura Social, Newcastle

At the end of the workshops, a series of presentations were made by each of the groups and a publication was also produced.

The topics that we hope to work on in the Meetings of Applied Knowledge in Art and Agroecology are:

  • Forms of research in Rural Sociology
  • Objectives and methodologies of Rural Agro-ecological Development
  • Participation and collaboration in contemporary art
  • Vernacular architecture and bioconstruction: wood, earth, stone.
  • Food processing, biochemical process of fermentation and agri-food design
  • Agro-ecological design agro-silvo-pastoral
  • Expanded Landscape

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