NC presentation in Paris

January 29th, NC presentation in Paris

Within the framework of the 2nd Meeting on Sustainable Food, organized by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, this presentation took place on January 29th at Ground Control – Paris 12e, and focused mainly on sharing results from NC Tramuntana

“Sharing experiences, inspiring transition” is the thread of this day of exchanges. These Meetings are an opportunity to discover, through different formats: concrete and inspiring initiatives, territorial approaches, recent studies or little explored topics in favour of more equitable, resilient and diversified food systems, to ensure, in particular, a fair remuneration of producers, access for all to quality products and respect for ecosystems.

This day, prepared in collaboration with AgroParisTech, SupAgro, Montpellier, ADEME, the UNESCO Chair of World Food, INRA, the Land Bank (Caisse des Dépôts Group) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, will explore the new contours of sustainable food. It brings together nearly 700 decision makers and progressive actors in the field of sustainable food and about 50 stakeholders to strengthen exchanges, draw lines of convergence and accelerate this transition together.

The Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation brought together, on this occasion, initiatives from pioneering territories that address food issues to respond to the concerns of their citizens, both in terms of health, environment and social justice, and about fifteen innovative projects in French and Spanish territories to share learning.

Several round tables were devoted to the challenges of the future: food data, changes in large companies and ways of thinking about food as a lever for the management of common goods.

Interdisciplinary studies and works are also on the agenda of these 2nd Conferences to question our food systems, such as the report “Food and Health Nexus”, prepared by the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES Food), the study by Terralim and Resolis on the links between employment and agricultural and food transition, agriculture and food from the studies of the ESS, the studies of BASIC, with ADEME and Commerce Equitable France on the economic and social effects of a more sustainable food.

The organizing partners present several key publications, including the second edition of the publication “La transition en actions”, a collection of innovative and transdisciplinary initiatives supported by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.

Initiatives of particularly active and pioneering structures in the field:

the approach of the Movement for an Agriculture of Life.

the calculator developed by Basic, Terre de Liens and the FNAB to evaluate the agricultural land needed for the production of ecological and local food.

ITAE, an initiative involving agricultural professionals, companies, associations, local authorities, to increase farmers’ incomes and offer consumers sustainable products.

The support of the Platform to another CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) composed by about thirty agricultural, environmental and consumer associations.

the projects resulting from the partnership between the Foundation for Nature and Man and the Union des CPIE: Mon Restau Responsable, My Positive Impact or OPEN – portal of participatory sciences

In addition to the talks there were several workshops and sensitive and artistic installations such as: the exhibition “Quand les artistes passent à table” created by the Ministry of Culture, the comic book “Manger vers le futur”, philosophical tales, or the intervention of Inland Campo Adentro

We present a kind of dream chamber around the know-how of a master of dry stone walls, as an essential part of the landscape and the food system, especially focused on the olive and its elaborations, with oil as the essential protagonist, present in a series of sculptures or votive cups.

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