New Curriculum: Casa de Campo Workshop

New Curriculum: composing knowledges to host the city sheep – locating food cycles in the urban territory.For 12 days, from the 21st of February to the 15th of March 2020, Inland called for a multidisciplinary seminar and applied workshop, composing knowledges amongst shepherds, designers, artists and architects, to think and build a hosting system for a flock of sheep in an urban context . In Casa de Campo, a park in Madrid city which actually is the biggest in Europe,  Inland brought 300 sheep to maintain pastures, improve soils and prevent fires. They also involve an opportunity for the citizens, of all ages, to understand better pastoralism, farming and sustainable food production.

A design and building of the stable is made with students from several universities, artists and neighbours. An ideas contest for the extension of the project was organised via zoom for this. Workshops and a simulation game to learn to be shepherds are organised for children, with 300 kids signing.  We invited curatorial and artistic collective RuangRupa to attend.  When the sheep started to be milked,  yoghurt and other dairy products are transformed on site and at Inland space in Madrid, the Centre for the Approach of the Rural.More info at

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union as part of the project the Table and the Territory.

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