“Under the animal shelter” laboratory in Castiglione (Puglia), Italy


Following the previous Free Home University session INLAND developed under the name Landscaping / Animalia Mundi (Castiglione, August 2017) Iwith Casa di Agriculture, we continue paving the path to establishing a Common Flock in the agroecosystem of Castiglione’s peasant/activist community.
The current lab will focus on the design and the self-construction of the animal recovery through a bio-architecture approach, the study of local material and immaterial knowledge, and the experimentation of forms for communal living among species.

Joining forces are INLAND New Curriculum initiative, aimed at challenging the academic expertise projected in rural communities with a more grass-rooted knowledge and sensitivities towards the land; Free Home University and its radical pedagogy approach merging artistic and social justice issues, and the local community of Castiglione invested since years in permaculture and a process of communalization of their economy. A group of 18 students from Stockholm’s Konstack University -Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, a partner University of New Curriculum, lead by INLAND member and architect Sergio Montero Bravo will live, learn and work side by side with members of Casa and Scuola di Agriculture, local scholars, architects, newcomers and refugees, farmers, students, shepherds.

A collective and hands-on learning, leading to the restoration of an old stable and the building of a shelter for the hens, sheep and donkeys. Fostering the regeneration of the surrounding area where the newly built common will be inaugurated in the summer, this new step will be the preamble for a further reflection on the human non-human animal relations and a more theoretical seminar on cultural studies of pastoralism That will be the focus of the future summer FHU session with Fernando Garcia Dory.

* co-designed with Sergio Montero Bravo (Inland) and Luigi Coppola (Scuola di Agriculture) & Alessandra Pomarico (FHU)
* supported by Musagetes and Stockholm Konstack University -Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design
* in collaboration with Casa delle Agriculture, Gruppo Umana Solidarieta’.



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